Creative Fire

“I hope you are all creating every day according to the inner map you were born with. I know it sometimes seems that map is written in invisible ink… but you know to read invisible ink, you have to hold it over heat. Same with creative life, ‘Fire, give me more fire!'”

Clarissa Pinkola Estes, from “The Creative Fire” mansuscript, this quote posted at her public site at Facebook.

where potential poems
lay like unfertilized ova

a thousand rise
new moons
on the landscape of the future

I have no chromosone
starmap to offer
or helixes of lunar pearls

I wasn’t born with a vision

mapless, without signs

my fire is your fire

what bursts from this undifferentiated mass, a singular
moment, astral blossom of solarity, prism of
colour, strange sapient gloss

is a response,
a spark,
the lighting of our blazing

A composite image I composed for this poem (from public
domain and NASA images).

I like Dr. Estes quote very much, and am inspired by her words. I’ve written a poem – the creative fire like an Olympic torch alighting us. Her philosophy, though, has given me pause for thought. For me there isn’t an ‘inner map’ that I was ‘born with.’ While there is inner pressure to produce, my creativity is a response. It’s not about my ‘feelings’ or particularly ‘confessional,’ but sparked by something I want to address. Sometimes it can be a way to work out a puzzle. What I write or paint or produce occurs in relation to my world, the people in it, a sense of spirit, a need to discover truth, a way to connect, reflect, deflect, untangle, give, discover the depths of.

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