If I Could Write

direct link: If I Could Write.

for JP

What would I write if I could write?

I reach across continents and oceans into the Parthenon to find you pressing the shutter on your camera, the photograph you sent.

Or ordered chaos, but this is my life.

A leaf swollen with rain. Sleeping in a hammock in a barge with hundreds of others on the Amazon River in Brazil. Sun shining on metal. How my sentences fold in on each other like white rose petals.

Days pass endless waves in the lake. I found her, a spirit in the forest of the place in the Canadian terrain where I fast for days. She broke the spell. Unexpectedly, in the silvery leaves of the maple standing in water.

Abandon logic for metaphor.

Speak in the tongues of poetry. I burn the fire on your eyelids in my soul.

Those Ionic columns in the heat of your Grecian photograph.

You ask me to be real when I like to wear mirrors to hide behind. My polished earrings, necklace of reflective stones, shirt sewn with tiny mirrors. See yourself seeing me.

Or the clouds that form a grammar of understanding of the sky.

To be the wine that sweetens your lips. The dazzle of a sunset the colour of oranges.

Piano solo accompaniment: Roger Stéphane, ‘Lointain,’ from his album, Picasso, on Jamendo.

Response to Big Tent Poetry’s prompt (where other entries are linked in the comments).

The recording is an earlier draft. Luckily SoundClick allows uploading revised versions…


About Brenda Clews

poet, painter, videopoet, editor blogs at Rubies in Crystal: http://brendaclews.blogspot.com art website: http://brendaclews.com videopoems: http://goo.gl/zdpZ5
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3 Responses to If I Could Write

  1. I really like this poem. Are you Canadian?

  2. 1sojournal says:

    Love the swirling imagery that keeps coming back to the you and I.


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