Sand Is On Fire, a stenographic poem

Sand Is On Fire: a poem ball
a steganographic, hidden poem, wrapped up in disguise
(you’d need PS to unfold, a layered version)

(only leaving this so you can more clearly see the writing;
this is, after all, a response to poetry prompt)

Sand Is On Fire, 15″x13″, 38cmx33cm, india inks, soluble
pastels on archival paper, 2010 (actually just now, crazy
inking away on my bed, lucky the open bottle of permanent
ink didn’t spill!)
The original -ok, I shouldn’t give it away so soon, right?!

In the burning ocean. Where oil spills plumes drag through the world’s gloom. Swoop of your feathers. Gloss the rocks. You can’t know where we go at night. Or why the morning shines. Or the glimmer of gold before sunset. Relentless tidal cycles. Let me tear at the crests and troughs. Go in. GO IN. Shiver. Sin. Dark water, grey clouds. A rain of black ink falls from the sky. Drips. Rips, slashes the wet heaving page. Heat of sand on fire. Burn the slick, ocean on fire. Coral crevices. Grottos. Invite. Come in, why don’t you. Open. Open. Open. Arms reach up. Seeds rain down. Wash the foam. Pray forests. Burning despair of illusion. Fruit of veils to burn in. They said GO IN.

click on images for larger size

Response to Big Tent Poetry’s prompt (where other entries are linked in the comments).

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8 Responses to Sand Is On Fire, a stenographic poem

  1. barbara_y says:

    Wow! I love it. In the image itself, the lines look like the whorls of a fingerprint. (and don’t we have our prints all over the crime scene?)
    Great energy in the poem.
    Fun, isn’t it?

    • Brenda Clews says:

      It did become fun after I saw your response, which helped to open the way to obscure a prose-/poem, so to speak. 🙂 Thanks, Barbara. I was very impressed by your Stegosaurian Stenographic graphical lexical poem.

  2. Brenda-

    I love the use of obscuration via physical (or digital, rather) manipulation of the poem itself. It lends a visual aspect to the poem that feels just as much a part of it as the text hidden within.


    • Brenda Clews says:

      Nathan, do you know how hard your prompt was for us dreamy right-brained types! PS to the rescue! I was quite smitten by the poem ball that emerged, and without your challenge would never have tried anything like that.

      Wanna play catch? ::grins::

  3. Tumblewords says:

    Wow – this is so creative and powerfully worded –

  4. brenda w says:

    Beautiful piece both art and poem. I love the nude in your margins, too!

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