Clothes to Veil Venus

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Music by Buz Hendricks: Somewhere Off Jazz Street.
Buz created beautiful ethereal, jazz-influenced, sensual music for a poem I composed out of my Suite of Botticelli Venus Poems. The long, original track is at Jamendo. I reworked a portion of that track of music with a new reading of the central poem of the Suite:

Veils to clothe Botticelli’s Venus

A poem arises catching the energy, imparting meaning, hesitant, faltering for words, images, rhythms.

My love for you.

Slowly, through endless revisions,
shaping this love.

Disparate layers emerge, an undercurrent infiltered with strands, approaches, understandings, memories, hopes, desires,
the way the sensual mind composes.

We create ourselves through each other. It’s more complete,
who I am with you.

Not a version of reality but a veil of being,
the poem of love that is
a transparent garment we clothe ourselves with,
our metaphors and concepts of a world

which resists
our gaze.

Writing is a deeply
meditative act.

A language of love.

A listening.

From Women In Summer – the process of painting

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One Response to Clothes to Veil Venus

  1. This is a brilliant consideration–a mingling of poetry and art. The two belong together, inspire one another. Thank you.

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